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Friday, June 20, 2014

Eating out and Losing it

Madrid, Sept, 2010
The weird thing is, whenever I go on vacation, I lose weight. It makes no sense although, yeah, I'm gloating about it. This was a trip I took to Spain in 2010. I was lost somewhere in Madrid, trying to find a little flamenco club. I stopped to eat at a Gallego restaurant. First course: Mushrooms. 
I thought they would be a dainty little hors d'oeuvre 

Madrid, September 2010

but this was a gallego sized portion. Next course, was a huge plate of jamón with greens and chorizo and potatoes. Why did I ever order two courses? 
I need to lose a few pounds, so I'm looking forward to my trip to Italy this year

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Alaska, June 2010
Blogging in the past tense here. One of my first memorable trips, taken with my sister Linda and my brother Jon to Alaska. This was one of the highlights: a whale and a seal all in one shot. I didn't even get sea sick on the little boat. So this is my first entry for a new travel blog.