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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Valley Walk

From the company Walking Wild Andalucia I chose the one valley walk, not the Two valley walk,  nor the ominous sounding Mountain walk. No, no, I chose just one little valley. Valleys are Down aren't they? But, to get down first you must get up. And it was while walking up, that I managed to fall 3 times on the first day. Luckily I had a wonderful guide with me, Mike Newcombe , who picked me up each time and made sure I was ok to go on. Next day, he arrived with anti-inflammatorys and a compression bandage and we chose the flatter of two possible routes.
Tomorrow is my last day and I've loved every moment of it, the green hills, spring flowers, the wandering pigs, goats sheep and cows, as well as all the birds, like this vulture who was eying me for a possible lunch.


  1. Like! Sounds like a great trip, minus the falls. The landscape and animals sound lovely.

    1. Let me know if you are interested m I'll fill you in