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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Me and My Big Ideas

Yes, I actually had a big idea yesterday. After watching so many people stare at their phones and then run off in the direction of the nearest virgin, it came to me : There's an app for that. Sure enough there were, and I downloaded 2 of them. No more trying to guess where the Virgin would be.  Now I had her whole itinerary mapped out for me , street by street, hour by hour. Oh I felt so smug getting a nice place to view the next Virgin.
But you know, the Virgin has friends in very high places. It was supposed to rain for 3 days before. Every day I dutifully carried my umbrella but it never rained. This day the forecast was sunny. As I waited for the procession, it started to pour. My umbrella was safely in the apartment. When it rains there is no procession. The virgin's gowns are expensive and antique. The cannot get wet. Virgin:1.  Imelda:0
But I  did take a nice quiet walk in the morning. Here's what I saw.


  1. You are ALL bundled up. Looks chilly. What happened to hot hot hot Sevilla?

  2. ⛱ I can only imagine the scene based on your explanation and, I love it all. It sounds interestingly, biblical. Thanks for sharing. I'm really enjoying your trip. 😊
    Don't forget your ☂.