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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Virgin Dances

All the processions ended on Sunday and I've been taking it easy, recuperating from those late nights.
I think I'm ready to tell you about the best thing I saw. It was on Good Friday and the Virgin of Triana was on her way home, having started  out at 2 in the morning. I was waiting for her to pass in a small square.  Right across from me was a little church. It's doors were open and inside you could just make out that there was a statue in the doorway, either of another Virgin, or of a saint or Christ. The figure was surrounded by candles and flowers.
Finally, with music playing, the Virgin came into the square. But when she came to the church, she stopped. Slowly she turned and moved toward the doorway. She was on a platform, being carried by men underneath a velvet drape at the bottom. The platform is carved and intricate. On this rest not only the statue of the Virgin but candles, lamps and flower displays as well as a heavy canopy supported on silver poles. The whole assembly was much higher than the church's door.
There was no music, the Virgin simply pressed against the door. You felt as if the statues were somehow communing with each other. After a long while the music began softly. The Virgin slowly moved away from the door.  Then the music would become louder, faster and the Virgin would rush back to the doorway. This happened again and again, as if she didn't want to leave, until finally the music crescendoed and she turned and continued her march home. It was very dramatic and touching.
To end my Semana Santa visit, I add a photo of a float from the last day. It speaks for itself.

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