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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slogging through Sevilla

My plan to run around Sevilla chasing the best of the processions has quickly faded. There was no rushing, no walking, not even crawling. The streets where processions were scheduled to pass where so mobbed with people that it became impossible to move. ..and the evening has not even begun. But serendipity was on my side; I found myself caught on a street where an unexpected float appeared with band and penitents, those guys with the cone hoods, as well as baby penitents handing out candy.
I was out for hours but maybe only in a 5 block area. So my plan revised: to just follow one procession a day. Maybe two?
I'm taking a little break and then gonna try and follow the Virgin of Esperanza who will be crossing the bridge from Triana on her way to the Cathedral and then back again.

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