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Sunday, September 21, 2014

David was here

Today we visited David at the Accademia. He's over 500 years old but looking good, from every angle. He is something of a super star: some people wanted to see him and others wanted to be seen With him. This resulted in some jostling and demands to move over once you took a picture. But still,  the Accademia must control how many people are allowed in because it wasn't a complete circus; there was time to really look, once the fanatics moved on. And of course time to take the silly selfie, which I had to twist Carmen's arm to do.
Later we wandered across the bridge in search of a suitable restaurant. We found a lovely place under an arcade, where we had asparagus', cannolloni beans, grilled portobello and pasta with wild boar sauce. The cook, a little Italian mamma came out to ask us if we liked the food. No wonder, since everyone else was eating pizza.
It's almost 5PM, time for our gelato run.

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