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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There Will Always Be Paree

Apartment on the Rue des Pyramides

A trip I took a couple of years ago. Everyone has to go to Paris, right? This was the place  I stayed on the Rue Des Pyramides. I'm looking out from the elevator at the courtyard. So cute. SO SMALL. So small that the toilet was in the hallway. But at least it was mine alone. With the Louvre right around the corner.

And of course the famous Patisseries. And other 'good stuff'' to eat. What I didn't understand was why people looked so gloomy. Hey, I'm from New York, I get looking sophisticated. But, was it me, or did everyone seem ever so depressed?
  What cheered Me up was taking a culinary tour of Montmatre with Jean Paul 

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