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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Secret Passage

Imagine living on the lower east side in NY and working in the Times Square area which is midtown on the west side. You would have to take a bus or a train across town and then the subway all the way up to 42nd Street. But one day as you are leaving your apartment,  you decide to go right instead of left, which you've never done. And as you turn a few corners and go thru some dark passageways, suddenly you find yourself in Times Square! It was right there all along.
Well, that's what happened to Carmen and I last evening. We walked down the street in a different direction than we usually walked and as we passed thru this dark passage, over some small bridges, we found ourselves on the other side of the Rialto bridge on the way to St Mark's. On the Vaporrati it took us 3/4 hour; but just walking down our street we were less then 20 minutes away.
That's just one of the weird things about Venice, the twisting, turning in on itself. You get lost but you always find something, even if it's just the place you started from. We never found Carmen's nervetti (beef tendons) or  Casanova's balls, but tomorrow we have to move on to Bologna. Baloney not balls.

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