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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Death In Rome

Carmen and I were wondering if we were dead and condemned to cross streets in Rome for all eternity.  Maybe not, but the fleamarket in Trastevere,  might be Purgatory. It seemed to go on forever and there was no way out. Lots and lots of stalls of junk, although we did find a plastic drain cover so our bottle caps will stop falling down the bathroom sink. Also buses don't run the way they should on Sundays,  so we found ourselves stranded in front of a pyramid,  age unknown.
After the fleamarket,  we crossed the Tiber to see the Bocca della Verità. Carmen had so looked forward to seeing it bite my hand off, but the line of tourist was way too long and too silly. They just don't know they are dead!
Further proof of our demise: the waiter where we ate brought the pasta and the osso buco at the same time. One was doomed to cool while we ate the other. It was a hellish thing to do.

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