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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Old in Rome

Today was part two of ancient Rome with a visit to the Coluseum. Is it fun to imagine Romans enjoying the sight of naked people being torn to bits by animals? If you were a Roman in those days you got a free ticket to the Coloseum, so really, with nothing better to do on the weekends you might as well go and watch the gladiators fight to the death, or vote with your thumb and let them live.
Remember, Coloseums don't kill people. People kill people, as do hungry lions. Afterwards, I finally found wood fired pizza and it really was crispy and delicious, made all the more so by the free limoncello our waiter gave us, along with a good bye kiss!
For cultural dessert, we went across the street to the Capuchin crypt,  where dead monks and their bones were artistically arranged. Carmen found it a bit too Christian, but I was really into it.
And the topper, better (and sexier) then the waiter's kiss, we also happened upon Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Theresa. An angel smiles down at her swooning body as he plunges an arrow into her heart.

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