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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Elusive Art of Doing Nothing

We still haven't mastered this art form. Instead, with only 6 days left to our Italian trip, we are hungry to get the last bits of Rome, before we go. At the top of the street, near the Coloseum, is Hadrian's Column, the first graphic novel, with Hadrian's adventures spiraling up from the base. Then, after a harrowing adventure of our own, called "Crossing the Street", which involved a lot of arm pulling across Piazza Veneto, we went to the twin Palazzos that make up the Capitoline Museum. There we saw more Carravaggio's, a writhing Medusa head by Bernini,  and many Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.  After that we returned to our favorite restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto.  Today, Silvio recommended Puntarelle, a chicory like green with garlic and anchovy dressing. We plan to go back there on our last day. Maybe by then we'll be better at nothing.


  1. What a great trip!
    Loved looking at all of your photos.
    I have always wanted to be in Venezia for the "aqua alta"
    maybe this year.
    As they say on the Amalfi coast
    "dolce fare niente"
    see you soon!!!